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  Jon was born in Lafayette, LA, moved to Vegas when he was ten but swears he'll come home again in style. RageAfter five rather delinquent years in Sin City, he moved to Germantown, MD, and has bounced around the tri-state area since then. He broke the code of being a southern man by living above the Mason Dixon in Boston from '03 to '05, but aside from becoming a Red Socks fan and gaining a friend or two, the overall experience was to his detriment.

That's what he gets for being a yankee.

Fronting Stokley Rose with southern style and panache comes easily for Jon, who loves showing off maybe a little too much. But dammit if he doesn't have a good time doing it. Sweating through his shirt comes naturally with the amount of energy and effort he puts into fronting the Rose. With influences like Adam Duritz, Paul Simon, James Hetfield, Peter Gabriel, etc. Jon puts words to the music in eccentric fashion. More often than not, the words just come out and he figures out what they mean later. Almost like a musical Rorschach.

Jon wouldn't have it any other way.