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  Matthew Bauer was born and bred in the DC suburbs but was raised a Pittsburgh kid. He grew up passionate about Pittsburgh Penguins hockey and Steeler football. RageWhile he continued his love of Pittsburgh sports he discovered a new passion in music. When he reached middle school Matt knew it was time to begin growing up and that meant getting rid of all his childhood toys. He sold his G.I. Joe collection for $100.00 at a yard sale and used the cash to buy his first guitar, a piece of crap from toys r' us with a built in amp and effects. He took lessons but soon realized that they did not help much and he was better off teaching himself. High School brought the option to take a guitar class and that's when it all started to happen. A fellow classmate performed MetallicA's "Master of Puppets" during class one day and Matt fell in love with that sound. He studied the riff driven power of James Hetfield day and night along with childhood friend Nathan "Jeebus" DeBord. Pretty soon it was Fender, Gibson, Marshall and ESP instead of toy store crap. Nathan switched to bass and the duo started writing music instead of playing other peoples tunes. Thus began a long list of singers and bands they went through. Pop Rock, Reggae, Smokin' Blues and Heavy Metal, they tried it all. During this time Matt found the love of his life, Cheryl. The two were married in May of 2006 after a five year relationship. Cheryl, being a very talented artist, has gone on to design Stokley Rose logos and even a tattoo for Nathan. She is the OFFICIAL Stokley Rose artist. After the passing of Matt's mother in June of 2006 he was more driven then ever to make this rock star dream a reality. It's this drive and love for his wife that make Matt the dedicated riff machine that he is today. So come to a show and say "high" to this loveable fuzzy bear.